Paws to Read

Tabby's Place is a safe haven for little ones...of two species.

Every other Saturday, children -- the human kind -- come tumbling into Tabby's Place for "Paws to Read." Favorite books in tow, the kids pair up with cats and settle in for a snuggly read.

Paws to Read delights our cats, especially elderly and Special Needs kitties hungry for a loving lap. Cats like Piper and Adam have come to relish their weekly story time with young friends.

Tabby's Place has always been as much a haven for humans as for cats, and Paws to Read extends this sense of sanctuary to children. Young readers may be self-conscious about reading in front of other people, but they flourish under the non-judgmental gaze of a loving cat.

If there's a child in your life, ages 6-10, who would love Paws to Read, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Karina Jewitt at or 908-237-5300 ext 605.

Tabby's Place can only offer this program because of generous friends like you. Please donate today to support programs like Paws to Read at Tabby's Place. Thank you for your love.

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